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Dear members of Women in Finance,

By now you are all well aware of  our Charter, the Annual Report, the new members who have joined (and continue to join), and of our growing success on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

It’s now time to discover our next 4 Women in Finance interactive workshops, which will help you to improve gender equality in your company through different perspectives, in a straightforward and feasible way.

These 4 digital workshops are free of charge for Women in Finance members.

  1. Is the work-life ratio in your organisation in perfect balance, and have you created a solid system for your employees to harmonise the 2 spheres in their lives? Congratulations!  …For all other members of WIF we might have a solution, though ;)  During the workshop ‘Work life balance at work, during and after Covid, how do we make it gender friendly?' you will all share your recent experiences, and try to answer the question “How can we plan a soft transition after the pandemic, and develop new ways of working in the longer term? “ Join this interactive workshop with Katia Al Jbrail from The Bank of New York Mellon on Thursday 20th of May from 1.00pm to 2.30pm (limited to 15 participants).
  1. Sophie Bocquet from Euroclear is simply passionate about mentoring and wants to share her passion with you. With her aboard you will learn how to build an internal programme that connects mentors & mentees, what ‘two ways mentoring’ is, what steps to keep in mind when setting up mentoring, how mentoring affects gender progression, and much more.. Meet her during the session ‘Mentoring as a gender equality booster, what are you waiting for?’ on Tuesday 22nd of June from 3.30pm to 5.00pm (limited to 15 participant).
  1. Have you ever come across gender-related remarks in your working environment that made you feel somewhat uncomfortable? Then the workshop ‘How to tackle sexism in your company’ might be something for you. Not an easy topic, but working on it will make a big difference in your company. Follow the steps and have this courageous conversation with Claire Godding, co-chair of Women in Finance and Diversity & Inclusion Counsel at Febelfin, on Tuesday 21st  of September from 3.30pm to 5.00pm (no limit in participants).
  1. You just launched a nice job ad for a new position where a ‘leading’ company is looking for an ‘expert’, ‘confident’ and ‘headstrong’ professional to be ‘active’ in ‘analysing’ the ‘structural need’ of the company ‘reporting’ to ‘senior management’.. only … despite your efforts, you don’t receive applications from women. Our ‘Inclusive Job Ads workshop’ might give you some background information on how to avoid those pitfalls. Using your own real job ads, Michele Mees, founder of Inclusion Now will guide us through different aspects: vocabulary, structure (the number of “must haves”..), style… We’ve already had a first edition of this session which was a great success. Are you an HR advisor/recruiter? Then this might be one of your most insightful (gender) learnings this year. Do you have own experience with this topic? Even better – let us benefit from your observations & lessons learned on Wednesday 6th of October (3 hours – timing TBA; limited to 20 participants).

Via the registration button at the top right of your screen you can let us know which workshop(s) you are interested in.

The moderators of the sessions will contact you in the coming weeks with more practical information. 

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